Saturday, 21 September 2019


What a wonderful week we have had. A couple of days dawned misty, but the sun soon got through. Yesterday the car told me it was 20.5, and this in late September! I have been so preoccupied  with the clouds of butterflies that I had failed to notice that the last of the swallows have left. When they are gathering on the wires I always think of Gray's Elegy,
"The breezy call of incense breathing morn,
The swallows twittering form the straw built shed,"

I often find myself with a head full of poetry that I learned as a youngster. Last week I felt moved to write to the Oldie Magazine as Virginia Ironside had suggested that it was Christopher Robin who took great care of his mother. In fact it was -
James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree
Took great care of his mother though he was only three.
James James said to his mother,"Mother," he said, said he,
"You must never go down to the end of the town
Without first consulting me."
I had to point out the problem.

It's been quite a good week on the progress front. The kitchen in the cottage is almost complete and I think it is perfect. I am so glad I found a small firm who would make it to fit the space. I have bought the curtain poles and now need to contact the lady who said she would make them for me. The other half has finally managed to get his ears syringed so at last I can turn the volume down a little on the TV. I have even managed to make some progress on my current pair of socks. Not bad.

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