Monday, 16 September 2019

Butterfly Heaven

What a glorious morning. The butterflies are out in force: Red Admiral; Small Tortoiseshell; Peacock, and even painted Ladies. It seems strange to see them so late in September. Surely they can't still be on their way North. I assume they are now following the warmth back South so that their incredible cycle can begin again at the turn of the year.

Yesterday , after a lovely lunch out we did a slight detour; along the Common Lane to meet the road up from West Witton at the top of the Staups (local name ) and the across Melmerby Moor. We usually stop to have a look at the patchwork of Coverdale spread out before us. Three weeks ago the Heather was a brilliant counterpane of colour over the rolling landscape. Yesterday there was barely a pinprick of purple remaining. How the year moves on.

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see you at lunch - delicious as usual - yesterday. You mention Heather - I can see East Witton Fell from my Sitting Room window and have been watching for the Heather but there has been no sign. Perhaps I have missed it altogether. But not the Painted ladies - my Sedums are covered in them.