Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Sox Appeal

Another glorious morning, just a hint of a chill in the air, but not enough to deter the butterflies which seem to be everywhere. I was having a close encounter with the iron! Suddenly it flashed a red light at me and said it wanted a new cartridge. (why do these things have to be so complicated?)
Well, that put an end to the ironing for the time being, it needs to cool down.
I have been thinking about Bryony's question in regard to toe up socks. I don't think there is a much better feeling than putting on hand knit socks. I can't remember how I came to do toe up originally,  probably a long gone mag. pattern. However, I have one book which was passed on by a friend. I only use it if I want to do a short row heel, as it saves working out the numbers. It is " Toe Up Socks" by Wendy D Johnson and it is an american publication, I think. ISBN 978-0-307-44944-3
There are also lots of videos on You Tube, especially useful ones like "Judy's Magic Cast On." So good luck with that.
I have done so many socks now I don't really use a pattern, and I still prefer to wear socks with little or no lace as they feel smoother. I'd rather let the pattern in the wool make them interesting. I really must get on with the current pair as I need more pairs for Christmas!


  1. Thanks Helen, have just gone to youtube to look.

  2. I might knit some this winter - I haven't knitted any for years. Quite like the idea - shall discuss it with you on Sunday.