Thursday, 12 September 2019

Almost the Middle of Nowhere

Its has been almost a month since I wrote anything here. Doesn't time fly when things are not exactly going to plan! Tempted by a cheap offer I bought a tracking watch. When I got it home I could not pair it with anything. The Kindle tablet is the wrong technology. The laptop needs an intermediary device. The mobile phones were too old. I suppose in my heart I knew this, as both phones are hand-me-downs and I have been resisting biting the bullet for some time. The Vodaphone account only works by courtesy of a sure signal box as there are no mobile signals in this neck of the woods. The man in the Vodaphone shop was sympathetic but said I needed a more up-to-date phone. Quelle surprise! He kindly transferred the sim for me and by the time I got home (30 miles ) it was, in theory, working. Except that it wasn't. It took three phone calls to Vodaphone and almost a week to get the Sure signal box re-registered to the new phone. It is now all working. The point of this was to motivate myself to walk more. Today was supposed to be a lovely day for a walk, but now it's pouring down. Good job I filled up the bird feeders this morning.

My other half found a lady standing in the village. She was staying in a holiday home. She had found something on the internet!? which suggested she could catch a bus "into town". He gently explained that the only bus which ever passes through this village is the school bus. If she wanted to go somewhere he would take her, but she would need to get a taxi back. She stayed put.


  1. A bus from Horsehouse into town - sorry I just can't stop laughing. Was there ever such a bus even in the 'good old days'?

    1. Many years ago there was a market bus, but only on Fridays, and the window to visit the market was very small.