Saturday, 14 September 2019

Superb in the sunshine

On the patio I have the most glorious Rudbeckia Goldsturm. When I bought it last year it was a miserable little green thing. I planted it in the raised bed and it did nothing. This year it has positively burgeoned and must have at least 40 blooms on it. I had put Geum Mrs Bradshaw next to it, and the two have produced the most wonderful combination. The Geum has been flowering for many weeks, and now the Rudbeckia has joined in they are superb.

I had some success on the techno front yesterday. While the other half was buying some wood to make a new carrier box for the quad bike, and we were in an area with mobile signals, I had a go at pairing the new phone to the car! Well, the car couldn't find the phone. The last time I tried this I got a youngster to help, but there wasn't one available. Undeterred, I tackled it from the phone, and after some fiddling, the phone found the car! Success. I can now phone from the car - hands free. Will I ever need this facility I wonder?


  1. You probably will find it most useful - my son uses his a lot - as to me - can't imagine I would ever need it.
    Like the idea of that Rudbeckia and Geum side by side.
    At present my thoughts are totally taken up with the wretched Mares Tail which, in spite of specialist (and very expensive) weedkiller is no less than last year.

  2. Lucky you pairing your phone to the car. I have tried & tried, although it finds the phone it doesn't connect, any further instructions as to how you did would be very welcome.

    1. Try it from the phone end and let the phone find the car. That seemed to work for me