Monday, 12 August 2019

A wet Monday morning

Today dawned dull and damp. I wrote my piece for the Upper Dales Newsletter and Leyburn Life. By the time I had finished the sun was out and the day much warmer. It seemed that the song birds were glaring balefully at me for my neglect so I filled up the feeders and washed out those that had got wet and were quite disgusting. Its funny how meal worms go so smelly if they get wet. Last year when it was hot and dry I didn't notice any smell.
Strange that the sun's appearance changes how the world looks. I have a pink  hardy Geranium which was looking thoroughly disheveled, and now it has opened up a new spread of flowers. There are more sweet peas and the runner beans are flowering fit to bust. The wind was so strong last week that one of the pots blew over, but my other half set to with a nail and string and they now seem secure.
We're planning a trip out tomorrow, probably to Skipton. If you know the road its a lovely trip over the "Col de Park Rash". It scares many of the visitors but its fine when you're used to it! I shall look out for the Harebells on the roadside.

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  1. Sounds a pleasant day Helen. That road through to Skipton from West Burton has what I always thought we Giant Harebells or maybe Giant Bell flowers - not sure what they are called but they are on the side of the road on one stretch and I have never seen them anywhere else.